QuickBooks Integration With Fyle

Easier Expense Reports for Employees + Lesser Work for Accountants & Finance Teams


AI powered email plugins, Receipt capture on mobile apps, custom policies and automated compliance – Now available inside your favorite accounting software.

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Take The Frustration Out Of Expense Reports For Employees

World's only Gmail & Outlook plugin

World’s only AI powered Gmail and Outlook plugin to claim expenses right from the email receipts | Explore Gmail Plugin

Mobile Apps for Receipt Capture

Click any paper receipt with Fyle App on iOS or Android mobiles, and Fyle automatically extracts information and attaches a the picture as a receipt to your claim | Explore Mobile App

Credit Card Reconciliation

Upload your credit card statement and Fyle will detect matching receipts automatically for you. Also, it detects duplicates and removes them

One-Click Expense Reports

With centralized cloud storage of receipts, users just need to select the expenses they want to claim and click ‘Submit’. Your monthly pain, solved | Explore Expense Reports

Intelligent Business Expense Management and Accounting

Automatic Policy & Complaince

Fyle supports complex, custom expense policies and flag violations in expense claims in real time. With receipts attached automatically, expense reports are error-free, complaint and audit ready.

Smart Approval Workflows

Fyle can be trained for simple to complex, multi-layer approval workflows – every user and every expense gets it’s unique approval workflow automated with minimum effort.

Insights & Analytics on Spend

Fyle automatically tags every expense to it’s vendor, category and more alongwith the user data – Dive into vendor insights for discounts, check team/employee patterns for optimizing policy and process.

Integrates with Your Accounting Software

Other than plug-n-play integrations with QuickBooks, Tally and more, Fyle’s API can be used to make custom conections and integrate with HRMS, Accounting software and more

Seamless Integration with QuickBooks Online

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    Easy Setup

    It takes exactly one click to connect your Fyle account with QuickBooks! Fyle automatically imports all categories and fields from your QuickBooks account and starts mapping users to connect their expense reports.

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    Custom Configuration

    You can choose how you want to push your data – Manual or automatic, and also setup rules around specific categories that your business mandates (like limiting synchronization for a particular category) and more.

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    One-click Push

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