Feature List – Fyle

Fyle aims to be the new standard in business expense management – This drives us to build not just the essential and hot-in-market features, but also some of the most unique, powerful ways to improve your expense management experience – like the World’s first Gmail Plugin!

If you can not find a feature you expected us to have,or have an idea that you think can be valuable to our customers, please write to us at hello@fyle.in

Core Features

Auto Fyle expenses within Gmail and Outlook Plugins

Auto capture expense data along with the invoice with one click, right inside email

Forward email

Creates automated expense entry when user forwards an email to receipts@fyle.in

Intelligent mileage tracking

Fyle local conveyance using Fyle with automatic location tagging and distance calculation.

Unlimited expense reports and receipt uploads

No limits on receipts uploaded or reports created or submitted. Data stored indefenitely

Automatic extraction and category classification

Automatically categorize and identify merchants

Free mobile app on all platforms

Available on iOS, Android

Advanced Features

Automated policy enforcement

Flag policy violations for review or alternatively block policy violations, ensuring 100% compliance.


Get detailed analytics on top spenders, top vendors, top policy violations and policy statistics across the entire organization

Corporate card reconciliation

Upload corporate card statements and automatically match expenses for simple reconcilliation. Auto Remind users of transactions where bills are not uploaded

API Integration

Integrate multiple softwares via Fyle APIs

Single Sign on

Single sign on using HeroFinciorp Google IDs across web and mobile. Integration with Corporate Identity Access management can be done as well.

Duplicate Invoice Detection

Fyle autoextracts data from invoices and captures invoice number, date, unique IDs and matches duplicates across the org

Advance and Imprest

Advance and Imprest Request workflows can be managed centrally

Automated Multi-stage approval workflow

Allows for additional level of approver based on expense / user oversight of report approval. Set up custom approval-flows that fit your company’s structure.

Project and Cost Center Tags

Multiple levels of tags intended to help accountants track additional information at the expense line-item level.

PDF and Excel Report downloads

Download individual or company wise reports in excel or pdf

Accounting GL code Mapping

Map GL codes in Accounting System to Fyle Categories

Bank File generation for Payment

Genenrate bank file with a single click to process payments with a single click.

Trip Authorization workflows

Users can request for trips along with budgets prior to the travel to encourage cost controls

Realtime Expense Reporting

Admin visibility

See employee expenses even before they’re reported

Automatic report approval

Automatically approve violation-free reports

Admin submit

Submit an employee’s expense report on their behalf

Automatic reporting

Create reports and assign expenses to them automatically

Role and Access Control

Multiple roles

User, Manager, Admin, Finance, Agent, Auditor ( Verifiier )

Assign expenses

Submit expenses on another user’s behalf.

Role based visibility

Users access data based on their role and priviliege in the system.



Tally, SAP, Oracle, Quickbooks, Xero

HRMS integration capabilities (through API)

Pull in employee names and emails, payroll IDs, and approval flows into Fyle

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