The New Standard In Expense Management

Intelligent receipt tracking for one-click expense reports. Your business gets realtime visibility into spends with automated compliance and approval workflows.


Fyle brings the world’s only AI powered Chrome extension that automatically extracts receipts from your Gmail inbox to allow expense reports in one click.

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Taking the frustration out of expense management

From realtime visibility to deep insights and analytics around your business expenses, Fyle makes expense management more than just a peripheral business activity. Our mobility makes it effortless for the employees to get their money back to save your finance and accounting teams hundreds of hours spent in manually collecting and processing expenses. How?

Intelligent Receipt Tracking

Fyle was built to help your employees track receipts in any form – Paper bills, Per diem, Email Invoices, Mileage and all that you will ever need. Business expenses can be as dynamic as your business itself, and we understand that.

Fyle has the world’s only email plugin that helps you automatically extract expense information from e-receipts in your email – Cabs, Flights, Hotels & much more.

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You will never have to worry about losing paper receipts. Use mobile app to capture paper receipts, and then automatically process the image to claim your expense!

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Stay Compliant & Audit-Ready

Fyle digests and understands your company’s expense policy and figures out user-specific rules around expense claims and reimbursements.
Fyles synchronous policy check detects violations made by employees in real-time and alerts them – Making your workflow less vulnerable to manual iterations.

Integrates With Your Accounting Software

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Fyle’s built-in integration with popular accounting softwares like QuickBooks, Tally and more allows businesses bring all of their financial data under one hood.
Fyle’s API makes integrations to any accounting system possible!

Smarter, Faster Approvals & Workflows

Upon a one-time setup of your organization hierarchy, Fyle recognizes the respective approver for each and every expense report that your business generates.
Automatic reminders ensure managers approve reports on time and your finance time gets the processed payable information without any delay.

The Expense Management Software For Smart Businesses.

Take Fyle for a spin and invite your organization to try free for 14 days.
If you want, we can get you and your team a 1:1 demo of our product.

The Expense Management Software For Smart Businesses.

Take Fyle for a spin and invite your organization to try free for 14 days.
If you want, we can get you and your team a 1:1 demo of our product.

  • Swati

    Swati Singhi

    “I have been filing all the reimbursements manually for a long time now and it was a pain doing the calculations, keep track of what is filed, what is expensed. Fyle has made the entire process a breeze and works like a charm :)”

  • Ruchira

    Ruchira Sharma

    “Fyle has brought a lot of discipline and ease to my expense management process. The mobile app lets me log paper bills on the go. The gmail extension ensures that all online invoices get logged within a matter of seconds.”

  • Vishal Dev

    Vishal Dev

    “Great extension for managing your monthly expenditure if all your bills come to your mail. Worth having application. Seamless experience and UI is top notch.”

  • Aadil

    Aadil Bandukwala

    “Excellent modern day app for expense management. The gmail extension does a good job of picking up details and auto parsing them – saving precious time. The iOS app works well too. BIG thumbs up Fyle!”

  • Krishnam

    Krishnam Raju

    “An excellent app for self employed professionals. Great way to track of all expenses. I am sure it will keep evolving. Kudos to the team.”

  • Nageswar

    Nageswar Sundaram

    “This is simply superb. As I travel almost every week, it always gets cumbersome, when I sit to file my claim. I used Fyle for the first time this month and I have to say, I just loved it. Especially loved the Gmail Plugin, which simplifies cab claims”